REALTORS® Build a Better Block - Voting Now Open

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The REALTORS® Build a Better Block (RBBB) campaign committee has selected three finalists from a strong field of non-profit organizations who currently have plans to transform underused or unused space in Northern Nevada into community space accessible by all. RBBB's grant will assist one of these three finalists by helping them complete their project.

Learn more about the three finalists below and cast your vote* by clicking here.

*Voting opens July 8, 2019 and ends July 28, 2019


United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierras: Born Learning Trails

The Born Learning Trail is a series of 10 interactive signs (in English & Spanish), placed alongside a trail, that offers free learning opportunities to engage children in literacy and imagination.  Born Learning Trails support families and caregivers of children (0-5) with an educational component that will enhance experiences at selected sites.  The trail enhances a park’s overall attraction and creates an inclusive and welcoming educational environment for every member of our community. 

The stations provide activities such as hopscotch, counting, identifying shapes and colors, and listening to promote parent and child interactions and conversation.  Studies show that activities that increase parents talking and engaging with their children, expose children to 1,000-2,000 words every hour.  Increasing exposure to words help build a foundation for future literacy skills and confidence.  A Born Learning Trail will make it easy for you to use everyday moments outdoors to boost your child’s pre-literacy, motor and problem-solving skills, and build a strong foundation for school readiness and success in life. 

The Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza-Sparks Marina

The Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza is composed of Nevada residents engaging Nevada architects, engineers and developers to make a positive impact on Nevada’s economy by building a Memorial that both preserves the State’s history and commemorates the sacrifices of Nevada’s unsung heroes dating back to Nevada’s inclusion as a state in 1864.  The NVMP will be located at the Sparks Marina, 300 Howard Dr., Sparks Nevada 89434. 

The goal of the Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza is to educate, preserve and honor Nevada’s historical contribution to the Country as well as to have a site that shows appreciation and gratitude for the sacrifices that have come with that.  This means that the NVMP will recognize the sacrifices made for our Country by Nevada soldiers of both genders and every demographic since 1864.  No sacrifice will be ignored or forgotten.  This memorial will be open to the public of every gender, age, demographic and socioeconomic background. It will be accessible to people with disabilities and free of charge to anyone wishing to visit and it will also serve as a venue for events.  The NVMP will be available to all schools in Nevada wishing to educate their students about the History of the State in a field trip setting and every Veteran Organization as a venue for honoring Nevada’s’ contributions both past, present and future.

Main St. Beatification Project: Art Park- Fernley, NV

The city of Fernley is currently in the process of creating a community space in the downtown area, which will house a multi-faceted events center and the future complex for the Boys and Girls Club.  Across the street from this area is Main St. Park, or Art Park.  Art Park currently houses two art projects from the Black Rock Art Foundation.  

Many of our community members utilize this park as a resting point in their daily travels in and around Fernley.  The city does not have public transportation and this area is mid-point between many businesses in our long narrow town.  Our goal is to give those who rest here on their daily commute an enjoyable space to take a break, relax and reflect.  Our other goal is to attract those who are traveling through Fernley on their way to other destinations in Nevada and the United States a place to stop, take pictures and admire the beauty of both the natural landscape and the artwork gifted to us from the Black Rock Art Foundation.  

We will use the funds to build a gazebo, added seating and tables, with other amenities to entice locals and travelers to stop and relax during their travels.  

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