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Dear Code-E,
Lately agents have been entering my listings without showing appointments. I clearly state in the MLS remarks to schedule an appointment. My clients are busy people and to just show up unannounced is simply rude! I schedule all my showings and cancel my appointments if needed. There must be some sort of rules regarding common courtesy among agents.

Appointments All Day

Dear AAD,

It is common curtesy for selling agents to schedule showing appointments with the listing agent. If we look a little deeper, agents who enter a property without an appointment could face a potential violation of Article 3; Standard of Practice 3-9 which clearly states “REALTORS® shall not provide access to listed property on terms other than those established by the owner or the listing broker. “ Call before showing instructions should be respected and adhered to. Further, selling agents should make every effort to reschedule or cancel if needed.


Social Media Advertising

Dear Code-E,
I love all forms of social media, from Facebook to Snapchat and I want to advertise my listings on all my social media channels. Do I REALLY need to have my brokerage name in the post? Is social media exempt from any advertising rules?
Socially Confused

Dear SC,
No, social media is not exempt from Nevada Real Estate Advertising law. It is a requirement by NRS 645.315 and NAC 645.510 that the name of a brokerage firm under which your license is associated be clearly identified in any advertisement. Further, NAC 645.610 includes “electronic means” as a form of advertising which encompasses social media. The easiest way to comply is to simply post Open House Flyers that clearly show your office name as pictures or “tag” your office so that the brokerage name shows up in the post. For more detailed information click here.

Dear Code-E,
I’ve been seeing creative inducements flyers all around town. Is this a legal practice?

Mass Mailer Overload

Dear MMO,

Great question! After much research, I have found Article 12 – Standards of Practice 12-3 under the Code of Ethics as well as the Attorney General’s Opinion from 1997. Click here to see the full description. This should provide you a better understanding of what is acceptable for inducements to list, sell, purchase or lease.


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