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The Reno/Sparks Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee works for you, saves you money and protects your business.  If real estate is your profession, politics is your business.

Don't let the government impact REALTORS® on private property rights and industry issues. Click here to invest today.

Golden R

Doug McIntyre

Crystal R Level

George Peek

William Process


Sterling R Level

Mark Ashworth

Sherrie Cartinella

Michael Clark

Margaret Finel

James Forbus

John Graham

Erika Lamb

Gary MacDonald

Fred McElroy

Margie McIntyre

Michael Mentaberry

Carol Murphy

Pamela Reese

Pamela Ricci

Vincent Rossi

Sara Sharkey-Alexander

Kevin Sigstad

Cherie Williams

Governor Level

Tamara Fegert

Kellie Flodman

Dave Hansen

Darrell Plummer

Ricci Rodriguez-Elkins

Sarah Scattini


Capital Level

Brenda Aucutt

Leslie Beach

April LaBrie

Amy Keith-Lessinger

Krista McIntyre

Amy Shocket

David Shocket

Shirley Smith

Sylvia Smith

Don Wilkerson