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The Bylaws & Policies of the Reno/Sparks Association of REALTORS®


A professional association is set up to accomplish certain definite purposes for its members.  It therefore must be governed by certain policies.  The purpose of this manual is to define the policies and procedures for the operating committees and the staff of the Reno/Sparks Association of REALTORS®. The scope of the manual will include all Board policies that are required to support the current Bylaws of the Association and those approved policies necessary to administer  the Boards day to day operation.  The manual will also include a procedural guide for all standing committees within the Association.  A secondary purpose of the manual is to provide leadership and members with a standard guide to professionalism in the management of the Association.

Policy Manual

Table of Contents

1 Leadership President Description* President-Elect Description* Treasurer Description Board of Director Description Affiliate Director Description Immediate Past President Description Committee Chair Responsibilities NAR Directors Descriptions & Application Director/NNRMLS Trustee Description Board of Directors Commitment Form NNRMLS Trustee Commitment Form NNRMLS Trustee Description
  NNRMLS Trustee Application

1.2 Other Leadership Policies Scholarship & NVAR Leadership Application* Check Signing and Contractual Signatories Investments of Interest Policy Policy Removal from Committee

2 Election Procedures Credentials Committee Description for Officer & Director Candidates for Appointment to NNRMLS Trustee Trustee Appointment Process Elections Policy Election

3 Travel Policy Travel Policy* of Travel Expenses Committee Stipend & Application*

4 Committees Standing  Committees and Director Liaisons

4.2 Events Standing Committees and Director Liaisons

4.3 Budget & Finance Budget & Finance Committee Description Emergency Expenditures

4.4 Bylaws & Policy Bylaws & Policy Committee Description

4.5 Building Classroom Rental Agreement Classroom Rental Rates

4.6 Executive Executive Committee Description

4.7 Education Education Committee Description Instructor Qualification & Performance Instructor Application Instructor Training Reimbursement* Student Cancellation Policy Instructor Filming Release Letter

4.8  Grievance Grievance Committee Description Criteria for Grievance Committee & Application

4.9 Multiple Listing Service Real Estate Technology Committee Description NNRMLS Trustee

4.10 Legislative Legislative Committee Description Government Affairs Reserve Account

4.11 Professional Standards Professional Standards Committee Description Grievance & Professional Standards Training Criteria for Professional Standards & Application Procedures - Addendum Mediation Dispute Resolution Service Ethics Mediation Policy Ethic Citation Policy

4.12 Risk Reduction Risk Reduction Committee Description

4.13 Strategic Planning Strategic Planning Committee Description

4.14 Communications Communications Committee 

4.15 N NV REALTORS® Young Professionals Network N NV REALTORS® YPN Committee Description

4.16 Global Business Committee Global Business Committee Description

  5 Board Membership REALTOR® Member Affiliate Member DELETED Life Membership Nomination Honorary Member and Application Institute Affiliate Member

5.2 Leave of Absence Request
5.3 Orientation Attendance & Induction
5.4 Release of Member Account Information

6 Membership Services REALTOR® Membership Benefits Credit Reporting Service*

7 Billing and Accounting Delinquent Broker Accounts Delinquent Agent Accounts Dues Billing and Application Fees Reserves Accounts Repayment of Money Overages Non-Member Billing Procedures Refund of Services, Dues, Application Fees . . . Return Check Policy Annual Financial Audit Retention of Records Timeline

8 Other Policies
8.2 Awards and Recognition Awards Committee REALTOR® of the Year Policy REALTOR® of the Year Nomination Form Affiliate of the Year* Mat Gibbons Good Neighbor Award* Gifts & Awards* Officer, Director, Committee Plaques* Educator of the Year

8.3 Contract Services Contract Negotiating and Executing Retention of CPA Government Affairs Director Retention of Legal Counsel Authorized Use of Legal Counsel Vendor Contracts Website Privacy/Security Policy Privacy Policy

8.4 Miscellaneous Request for Contributions* Complimentary Tickets for Functions* Discretionary Fund* Alcohol Association Credit Card Policy

8.5 Administrative Desk Audit Electronic Maintenance of Membership

9 Personnel (See Executive Officer to request the following policies) Policy Manual Staff Job Descriptions Benefits Package Executive Officer Contract Negotiations

*Indicates policy with a budgeting impact.