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2 Signs and Posts – 2 aluminum white “T” posts for sale, both have 2 Reno Chase broker signs that come with should a Reno Chase agent be interested in these posts.  Both have only been used 2 times and are being sold separately for $60/each. They offer rider holders on top and 2 rings for the broker/agent hanger.  Contact Mary Mihaila at 775-842-3157 or if interested. (posted December 8, 2017)




Commercial Real Estate Beta Testers Needed
I have written some software called “THE APOD EXPRESS” which is designed to accommodate four categories of commercial real estate, apartments, office, retail, and industrial each with its own Rental Summary that transfers totals to the main page. I am interested in getting feedback as to the design, if any boxes should be colored lightly to direct the user to input data in cells that do not contain formulas, ease of operation yet comprehensiveness, and how much bang for the buck that the buyer gets with all the ratios, percentages, and how it achieves the objective of displaying all pertinent information that a seller or a buyer would expect. The intent is to create a real-time snapshot of what the property is doing and looks like financially in the present tense. No projections are considered because that is another aspect that involves risk in estimating increases in income and expenses, interest rates for financing, and a rate for discounted cash flows and determining IRR over a specific term, say 10 years. That should be the job of the buyer’s financial analyst or someone similar.
Please contact Joseph Gauthier, CCIM Retired at 775-848-5088 or
Joe (posted July 28, 2017)

8 Sign/frames – $50 each. Contact Penny at 775-771-0648 or (posted July 28, 2017)

Price Reduced – Mortgage Qualifier Plus Calculator Model 3416, new condition, comes with box and all orginial documents, CD, etc. Includes an Armadillo protective vase, covers front and back $100. Contact Kristin at 775-338-7301 (Updated August 7, 2017)

Price Reduced – 2 NEW InfoTubes $5 each. Call or text Kristin at 775-338-7301 (Updated August 7, 2017)

Price Reduced – 1 Brochure Stand with Take One/Leave One business card holder only $5. Call or text Kristin at 775-338-7301. (updated August 7, 2017)

Price Reduced – 1 Brochure Box with lid only $5.  Call or text Kristin at 775-338-7301. (updated August 7, 2017)

9 – 18 x 24 Panel Signs Brand New still in packaging! $15 each Contact Elmira at 775-772-7228 (updated August 7, 2017)

57 Real Estate Yard Signs 15 never used, heavy guage steel, clips, pre-drilled, top of the line, just need to repaint with your own brokerage $20 each.  Contact Madeline at 775-690-3218. (updated August 7, 2017)

16 Flyer Boxes Nice flyer boxes, don’t luck in the rain and stand up to Reno crazy wind and weather.  $12 each.  Contact Madeline at 775-690-3218 (updated August 7, 2017)

Sign Riders Various sign riders including For Sale, For Lease and more. $15 for the entire stack (not sold seperately).  Contact Madeline at 775-690-3218 (updated August 7, 2017)

3 Fernley Domain Names only $1000.  Call Dan at 775-560-4618 or email  Domain names include: , , (updated August 7, 2017)

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